IT home May 9 news In the early morning of I/O 2018 conference, Google officially announced the Android P system, announced the Android Beta beta program, Android P public beta system is currently available for download.

Unexpectedly, in addition to the Pixel series models, certain models such as Xiaomi, OPPO, Vivo, OnePlus, Nokia, Sony, and Essential Phone will also be able to upgrade to the Android P public beta system.

Android P

According to previous reports from IT homes, a major upgrade point for the Android P system is to adapt the notch screen. Here comes a point, under normal circumstances, we think the “notch” screen is similar to the iPhone X on the notch screen. And Google’s understanding of notch screen is somewhat different from ours.

Android P

Analog Notch Screen Options

Let’s take a look at the “notch” feature of Android P. In the Android P system’s developer options, Google provides a “simulates a screen with a notch” feature and offers three simulation options. One is the kind of iPhone X, one is the “angled notch” on the corner, and the other is “notch + beard”.

Android P

This design is really cool, i like it. There are more powerful function in Android P, please keep in touch with GearBest blog, we will tell you more.​


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