BlitzRC Sky Surfer V5
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BlitzRC Sky Surfer V5 1400mm EPO RC Airplane KIT/ARF PNP Aircraft FPV Drone Sailplane G.lider Fixed Wing

BlitzRC Sky Surfer V5 RC Airplane Features

  • New folding prop design
  • 5 operable channels (aileron, elevator, rudder, throttle, flaps)
  • Nose is made of hard durable plastic nose cone for perfect impact resistance for nose diving
  • Able to interchange from 3 CH/ 4 CH/ 5 CH by locking/unlocking the aileron/flaps control surfaces
  • Designed for beginners to change or move up their flying skill levels
  • Wings are bolted to fuselage and can be unassembled for easy transportation
  • Bottom fuselage and main wings reinforced with plastic surface covers to lessen impact to fuselage and servo horns when belly landing
  • Fuselage has plenty of room (excellent for FPV usage or upgrading to larger higher capacity batteries)
  • Two carbon spars for main wings and one for elevator for extra stiffness and rigidity
  • No glue required for assembly makes this easy to assemble, repair, and maintain
  • Reliable high quality electronics (Hobbywing 30A ESC)

BlitzRC Sky Surfer V5 RC Airplane Specs

  • Brand Name: BlitzRC
  • Material : EPO
  • Fuselage : 925MM
  • Wingspan : 1400MM
  • Servo : 9G*4 (do not included in KIT version)
  • ESC : Hobbywing 30A esc (do not included in KIT version)
  • Motor : KV1950 brushless motor(do not included in KIT version)
  • Prop : foldable prop (do not included in KIT version)
  • Net Weight : 624g

The Last KDS 450BD price: US$72.90~132.90


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