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Cooltech RFA16 2.4GHz 16CH Spread Spectrum FASST Compatible FPV Receiver for RC Drone

Cooltech RFA16 2.4GHz Receiver Specs

  • Brand Name: Cooltech
  • Operating Voltage Range: 3.5~8.4V
  • Sensitivity: about -96dBm
  • Latency: 14ms(LS)/7ms(HS)
  • Dimension: 46.7X14.6X36.8mm
  • Weight: 17g

Setting failsafe:
RFA16 support two delectable failsafe setting options, either use native failsafe position preset on transmitter, or set failsafe on RFA16.

  • Use native failsafe position preset on the transmitter side:
    If not disabling failsafe on the transmitter side, RFA16 will use native failsafe position preset on the transmitter side.
  • Set failsafe on RFA16:
  1. RFA16 supports failsafe function for all trannels. Follow the steps below to set failsafe positions for each channel.
  2. Set all transmitter controls to the desired failsafe position
  3. Bind the receiver first and disable failsafe on the transmitter side
  4. To disable the failsafe fuction, just need to rebind the receiver
  5. Press briefly the F/S button on the receiver(less than 1 second), the green LED will flash twice, indicating the failsafe is set up successfully

Binding procedure:

  • Turn on the transmitter, get to the LINKAGE MENU – SYSTEM and select FASST-7CH or FASST- MULT, Connect battery to the receiver while holding the F/S button on the receiver, the red LED on the receiger is off and green LED constant on indicates binding successfully.

How to switch between LS and HS modes:

  1. The red LED will flash fast in HS mode and slow in LS mode. Reapeat this to alternate modes.
  2. Turn the transmitter off, connect the battery to the receiver, press the F/S button of receiver for 6 seconds and then release.

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