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E-Do Model Cessna 182 ST 1500mm Wingspan EPO FPV Trainer RC Airplane PNP With LED Light Strap

E-Do Model Cessna 182 ST FPV Airplane Features

  • Pre-install Servo and LED light strap.
  • EPO material, lightweight and durable.
  • Can do rolling, tumbling, flying, diving and ultra low altitude flight.
  • With powerful brushless motor, Push-to-weight ratio is more than 1:1.
  • Suitable for beginner or intermediate pilots from age 14 on up.
  • Allows to add floats(not included) to upgrade to Seaplane.
  • Large upgrade space, you can upgrade it to with flaps version.
  • Allows to add FPV equipments.

E-Do Model Cessna 182 ST Airplane Specs

  • Brand Name: E-Do Model
  • Material: EPO
  • Wingspan: 1500mm
  • Length: 1196mm
  • Wing Load: 46.2g sp.dm
  • Wing Area: 35.1 sp.dm
  • ESC: 50A brushless
  • Motor: 3715-KV1150 Brushless Outrunner Motor
  • Propeller: 1060 3-blades
  • Servo: 9g*4 (for Aileron and Flaps), 17g*2 (for Elevator and Rudder with nose gear)
  • Flap: No
  • Take-off Weight: 1450g
  • Max Thrust: 1750g

The Last E-Do Model Cessna 182 ST price: USD$139.99


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