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E-Do Model Sky Eye 1890mm Wingspan Single Pusher Version EPO FPV UAV Glider RC Airplane KIT

E-Do Model Sky Eye FPV Airplane Kit Features

  1. Reserve the rudder surface of the flaps.
  2. EPO material, lightweight and durable.
  3. Excellent flight stability, good gliding performance and long flying time.
  4. The tail pipe is wound with 3K fiber cloth for durability.
  5. The front and rear tubes of the carbon fiber tube with front and rear double butt joints are respectively Φ14, Φ8, preventing the front and rear of the wing from twisting and increasing the wing strength.
  6. The cover of the aircraft is fixed with a bayonet. Disassembly and assembly is very convenient.
  7. The layout structure of the fuselage compartment is divided into 3 layers, and there is a large space to install electronic equipment. Get rid of the troubles of wiring.
  8. The aircraft can be upgraded to a deep stall landing function. The deep stall function is an optional feature.
  9. The tail pipe is machined with aluminum pipe clamps. You can adjust the length of the tail pipe according to your actual situation.
  10. Reserve the VTX installation platform and GPS installation slot.
  11. With metal servo horn and there is no need to worry about breaking and leaking.
  12. Adopts modular structure design, easy installation and quick release design. The wing, tail pipe and horizontal tail are detachable. No glue is required.

E-Do Model Sky Eye Airplane Specs

  • Brand Name: E-Do Model
  • Material: EPO
  • Version: Single Pusher Version
  • Length: 1480mm
  • Wingspan: 1890mm
  • Wing Area: 44dm²
  • Take-off Weight: 2500g-3500g

Recommended Parts For Sky Eye(Not Included):

  • Propeller: 11-12 inch
  • ESC: 60A
  • Motor: 2814 KV900
  • Servo: 9g x4, 2 more for the optional flaps
  • Radio System: 2.4G 4-6CH
  • Battery: 4S 14.8V 10000mAh
  • Charger: Balance Charger

The Last E-Do Model Sky Eye price: USD$153.99

Note:KIT version, all the electronic devices are not included. Glue is not included.


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