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iRangeX iRX-IR8M 2.4G 8CH Multi-Protocol Transmitter With PPM S.BUS Mini Receiver

iRangeX iRX-IR8M Transmitter Features

  • Supporting for up to 255 different models in transmitter memory.
  • Support for multiple protocols without any modifications to the transmitter
  • i8X-IR8M transmitter can act like a USB drive. Managing models, configuration, icons, and themes is as easy as copying a file.
  • Flexible transmitter configuration, remap any switches or buttons to any purples. Also Virtual Channels for additional functionality.
  • Fully configurable themes including bitmaps, fonts.
  • Smooth, quad-bearing gimbals, adjustable stick length and tension.
  • All text is localized, user-adjustable mode configurations (1, 2, 3 or 4)
  • Easy-to-read backlit screen.
  • Comfortable, no-slip tubber grips.

iRangeX iRX-IR8M Transmitter Specs

  • Brand Name: iRangeX
  • Band: 2.4GHz
  • Channels: 8
  • Model Memery: 30
  • Outpulse: 1000-2000ms
  • Mode: Mode 2, Mode 1 (optional)
  • Range: Full
  • Telemetry: Yes
  • Computer Radio: Yes
  • Modulation: “4 IN 1” CYRF6936, CC2500, NRF2401, A7105
  • Transmitter (Tx) Battery Type: 2S Lithium lon Battery/ 4S “AA” 1.5V
  • Color: White, Black (optional)

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