Jcrobot S5
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Jcrobot S5 3-Axis Handheld Bluetooth Gimbal Stabilizer For Smartphones & GoPro Hero Action Camera

Jcrobot S5 3-Axis Handheld Gimbal Features

  • Bi-directional power,borry-free battery life.
  • Enhanced function,easy to become great director.
  • Built-in function of time – lapse shot,multiple filters,shooting mode,mode switching and so on.
  • No need for gimbal extension, rocker lens effect can be easily achieved.By the function of panoramic shooting from APP, S5 can automatically stitching the shot photos into a panorama with the software.
  • Supports Face Recognition Tracking and Object Lock Tracking functions.
  • Adopts polymer composite material and ergonomic structure design,lightweight and durable.
  • Equipped with 1/4 nut mouth, can be freely used with various devices.
Min Standard Max
Input Vol. 3.4V 3.7V 4.2V
Operation Current 150mA 1500mA 3000mA
Operation Temperature 0℃ / 40℃
Operation Time 12H
Weight 440g
Pitch Angle Range 325℃
Roll Angel Range  160℃
Pan Angle Range 330℃
Controllable Pitch Angle -155℃ / +155℃
Controllable Roll Angle -30℃ / +30℃
Controllable Pan Angle -155℃ / +155℃
Controllable Models Smartphone with size under 6.0
Gopro 3/4/5/6 Camera
Payload 75-200g
Battery Capacity 4400mAh
Charging Time 3-4H
Power Output Voltage 5V
Power Output Current 1A
Horizontal and Vertical Shot Yes
USB Charging Yes
Bluetooth APP Features Yes
Focus Keys Yes
Shutter Keys Yes
Handy Adjustment Yes
One-button Return Yes
Upgrade Method Online upgrade firmware through APP
With upgrade failure protection
APP Manual focusing, Face\object tracking, time-lapse shot,
one-button Ring beat, Panorama shot, picture modify


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