The name “MITU Drone” is accurate and straightforward and is in line with the characteristics of the MITU children’s product line. Although morphologically the Mitu Drone is currently the most popular quadcopter, it is clear that it is a competitor with the Cheron RC Drone.

Xiaomi MiTu Drone

As a remote drone toy, control is naturally the focus. The MITU Drone is not equipped with a remote controller. Instead, it is controlled via a Wi-Fi direct connection to a mobile phone. It can also use a third-party Bluetooth controller for this control. When using a Wi-Fi connection, just power on the drone and then open the drone control app. The app will guide you through the Wi-Fi connection. There are few steps and the connection speed is fast.

Xiaomi MiTu Drone

After a successful connection, you can enjoy playing. Drone’s takeoff methods are “a key to take off” and “palm take off” two kinds, “a key to take off” Needless to say, put the mini drone in a flat place, click on “a key to take off”, it will take off and in Hover about 1.5 meters. When you click on “Planet Take Off”, the mini drone will enter the low idle state first. Then, when you push the mini drone up slightly, you can complete the takeoff. The Mini drone is easier to understand in landing operations and more in line with the toy’s product positioning.

Xiaomi MiTu DroneXiaomi MiTu Drone

There are also two ways to manipulate in flight. The first is the virtual joystick control in the APP. Worthy of praise is that even though it is a Wi-Fi connection and is a virtual joystick, there is almost no control delay. Any push action can get drone’s timely response. In addition to the inability to perceive the exact amount, the overall control of the MITU Drone The feeling is beyond my expectations.

The other is “gravity sensing”. The operation response of this method is also very timely, but the operation room needs to keep the screen of the mobile phone up and keep the level. The posture is not particularly comfortable, so it is recommended that everyone play it.

Xiaomi MiTu Drone

As a remote-controlled toy with only a large palm, GPS certainly does not exist, but the MITU Drone has also incorporated acoustic wave sensors, optical flow sensors, and two auxiliary positioning devices and barometers. Hovering performance is also very good. What needs to be reminded is that the weight of the MITU Drone is only 88g, not even two eggs, and the power of the hollow cup motor is small, so the wind resistance is basically zero, and special attention should be paid when playing outdoors.

Xiaomi MiTu Drone Xiaomi MiTu Drone Xiaomi MiTu DroneXiaomi MiTu Drone

“Aerial photography” is almost a standard for RC Drones, but for this level of remote control toy, don’t expect any picture quality. The MITU Drone’s camera is also 2 million pixels and can shoot up to 1600 x 1200 resolution photos, but the picture transmission screen is still enough to identify the surrounding environment. On the other hand, the stability of in-flight graphics is poor, and sometimes there are mosaics or churns. Therefore, it is recommended that you focus on visual operations and do not always think about playing FPV.

Xiaomi MiTu Drone Xiaomi MiTu Drone

As a toy, MITU Drone, in addition to the common “one-click overturned” skills of similar products, and “infrared battle” play, like the air CS. Infrared transmitters are located under the camera, and there is an infrared receiver on the front and back of the fuselage. However, because there is only one hand on the camera, there is no way to perform “real combat”. However, based on experience, I have reservations about the “infrared battle”, mainly due to the control of remote control aircraft products still have a certain threshold, and really want to control the mini drone air battle may need more than a few batteries, after all The battery life is actually 7-8 minutes.

Xiaomi MiTu Drone

Finally, I might point out that one of the MITU Drone that needs improvement is its propeller. Constrained by its size, the MITU Drone propeller uses a straight-in mounting method, but this method is not very solid. If the plug is inserted more often, or if it has experienced a crash, the propeller is easier to loosen. At this time, if there are more flying moves, such as “one key to turn over the head” or emergency stop, the blade will come out, commonly known as “shot”, and the solution is to use 502 glue.

But overall, I think MITU Drone is still an interesting product. For the enlightened children’s curiosity, or to help zero-based adults get an initial understanding of RC Drones products, it can be considered.


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