To ask what Xiaomi this year launched a stunning enough mobile phone, no doubt that this is the concept of Xiaomi known as the Xiaomi MIX. This screen accounted for 91.3%, armed to the button of the whole ceramic body phone is pocketed the eye, in addition to cantilever beam piezoelectric ceramic acoustic system and the use of ultrasonic distance sensor for Xiaomi MIX really have a trace of black technology the taste of. However, these technical terms, a variety of high technology on our ordinary users, is not so important, we would like to know may be:

「Such a comprehensive “full screen”, in the end what is the use of discomfort?
    The lack of a familiar handset phone also convenient?
     When you call up the face will not be careful to hang up the phone?」

xiao mix

This is a lot of problems, in short, is this: Xiaomi MIX concept of mobile phones, in the end is not a good “mobile phone”? Therefore, in this experience sharing, I will focus on the actual use of Xiaomi MIX experience will be high above the “Black Technology” fall into the daily life, to answer those who really relate to our experience.

Visual Shock, and Ultimately Compromise

At first glance Xiaomi MIX, at first glance must be the screen. Accounting for 91.3% of the “full screen” is undoubtedly the biggest advantage is the visual shock, of course, we hear more is 91.3% of the number, but may ignore the 6.4-inch giant screen. Xiaomi MIX this screen is from Sharp’s LCD screen, because the screen is used within the virtual button, so its resolution is 2040 x 1080, the screen ratio is some special 17: 9. Need to mention is that the color gamut to NTSC 94%, the performance of the color has reached a high level, and have to picky, it may be from the upper and lower angle to see the screen, then some yellow.

xiaomi mix

This screen also has a more interesting place, is the four vertices in the screen where the physical cutting of the fillet. To say rounded screen, in fact, MIUI system a few years ago is set to “display the vertex of the screen for the fillet”, of course, that is the software level. In the Xiaomi MIX on the vertex of the screen vertex, and the fuselage on the rounded corners of the same angle, it looks very harmonious and comfortable, obsessive-compulsive disorder patients have a strong healing effect. In today’s 2.5D glass and even the surface of the popular screen era, this rounded screen with the curved glass with the visual will be more unified in the future there should be more mobile applications on it.

xiaomi-mix-3 xiaomi mix

Large screen and narrow border, will bring two questions, first, the proportion of the content of the screen, one is wrong touch the problem. In fact, many large-screen mobile phone is simply to zoom the screen content ratio, so that although the content easier to see, but lost the “big screen can bring more content with the screen” advantage. Xiaomi MIX although the use of the 6.4-inch screen, but the proportion of screen content corresponding to a small number, making the same screen can display more content, rather than just zoom. MIX misconception on the Xiaomi MIX almost no, in fact, because Xiaomi MIX although there is no forehead, but the screen still has a little black edge, the black side to a certain extent, reduce the probability of occurrence of false touch.


6.4-inch screen, doomed to Xiaomi MIX screen regardless of the high regardless of any, there is a physical limit, so Xiaomi MIX body volume compared to most mobile phones is not small. 158.8mm x 81.9 x 7.9mm measurements, with a slightly four-sided design, so that Xiaomi MIX hold up slightly hand, but with a certain degree of curvature of the ceramic box and the four corners of the fillet design to a certain extent to restore the Some scores. As for the size of Xiaomi MIX in the end how much the most intuitive comparison is: than the 5.5 inch iPhone 7 Plus slightly larger on the lap, and Huawei’s newly released 5.9-inch Mate 9 (non-surface) similar. This seems to be relatively easy to accept than right?

xiaomi-mix-7 xiaomi-mix-8

In addition to a large volume of mobile phones in addition to fear of fear is not good, there is the internal weight of the mobile phone distribution properly. Xiaomi MIX done at this point fairly well, although the body weight reached 209g, but one hand can feel the phone is still very comfortable to nest in the palm of the hand. Of course, such a weight cell phone, long-term one-handed operation for me is still very easy hand acid.

xiaomi-mix-9 xiaomi-mix-10

Speaking of one-handed operation, in fact, Xiaomi MIX is not very suitable. Although the system has a lot of one-handed operation for the interactive way, such as the ball, virtual keys within the screen, one-handed mode, but more or less convenient: single-handedly so that Xiaomi MIX completely lost 6.4 Inch screen advantages; virtual buttons within the screen is easy to make the hands of the Xiaomi MIX in an unstable state; automatically adsorbed on the screen edge of the ball you want to switch to the other side of the long press, the higher the difficulty.


Of course, these three methods can ease the inconvenience of one-handed operation, which I like most is the use of suspended ball, when the operation is very fast, and virtual keys are usually hidden, only when the ball is not convenient Use, as the one-handed mode – I have not used. Therefore, the one-handed operation of the Xiaomi MIX for most people, can only carry out some simple operations, such as evoking the background, return to the desktop, back, slide the page, to type or too difficult.


Therefore, the Xiaomi MIX, I prefer holding hands with both hands, on the one hand more comfortable operation, on the other hand also be considered to prevent mobile phone drop, after all, although the hardness of ceramics after diamond and emery, but it is also very hard Crisp, a careless fall may make you heartache. Here have to mention the packaging comes with a real leather, it is recommended in addition to playing cool outside, usually wear it, although I do not wear most of the time, after all, feel and look better.


Said so much, in short: Xiaomi MIX can bring a great visual shock, the corresponding one-handed operation at the expense of the experience. Of course, the compromise is far more than that.

“No Problem” from the induction and “Not Used To” the voice of the call


Here I also took a different object occlusion test and found that the location of the ultrasonic sensor detection is mainly the top edge of the screen at the same time need to have a large area of the block to take effect, a pen or fingertips toward the screen are unable to trigger, This is in line with our daily call scene.


As for the cantilever beam piezoelectric ceramic acoustic system caused by the call sound, or directly with a handset to the gap, mainly in the other side of the phone will have a greater vibration, while the sound is from the phone’s internal center Issued to some distance, leading to each other or their environment is noisy when some hard to hear, and in a quiet time around the people can hear the other side of the call said the content. This aspect is still subject to the relevant technical development constraints, at least in this generation of Xiaomi MIX is more difficult to have changed, for me, this is the Xiaomi MIX on the biggest inconvenience.

Good mobile phone necessary “Cultivation”

Do not know the tail are still remember not, Lei Jun Xiaomi MIX at the press conference for more talk about the design, appearance, and for the design and appearance of what technology, many. Then in addition to call, a handy cell phone and what qualities need to have? Take pictures may be one of the same. Milix MIX rear camera model OV16880, 16 million effective pixels, the sensor size is 1/3.06 inches, pixel size is 1.0μm, with f/2.0 aperture, look at today’s flagship phone this camera is not a color. What about the actual performance?

xiaomi-mix-16 xiaomi-mix-17

Xiaomi MIX camera experience is still very comfortable, including open, focus, store photos are very smooth, but when shooting macro, Xiaomi MIX more difficult to focus on the need to farther distance in order to successfully focus, use it to Shooting close enough photos is still more difficult. As for the imaging results, we still shoot through the Xiaomi MIX proofs to speak.

xiaomi-mix-18 xiaomi-mix-19 xiaomi-mix-20 xiaomi-mix-21 xiaomi-mix-22 xiaomi-mix-23 xiaomi-mix-24 xiaomi-mix-25 xiaomi-mix-26 xiaomi-mix-27

We can clearly see that, in fact, Xiaomi MIX imaging results can only be used to describe the general, more adequate light during the day performance can be, but generally poor tolerance, the light is relatively large scenes are prone to Exposure or dark details of the loss of the situation, night imaging coating very obvious sense of sharpness is not high.

xiaomi-mix-28 xiaomi-mix-29

It seems that although the Xiaomi MIX is a stunning cell phone, but at least in this regard, it is to make sacrifices. Slowly, there seems to be a front on the following camera? The camera if we usually hold the phone in the direction of basically can only take your big chin, but fortunately, we can through the system of “automatic rotation” to the front camera on the top, or in the self-timer interface Directly to the front of the camera head up, in order to achieve “45-degree face-lift self-timer” effect. This is often necessary for video chat, I also quite useful, at least do not need to frequently switch the direction of the phone.

xiaomi-mix-30 xiaomi-mix-31

4400mAh capacity battery, in fact, is large enough, but 6.4 inches in front of the giant screen of Xiaomi MIX, still need a day to meet my daily use. Fortunately, because the blessing of the QC 3.0 quick charge technology, Xiaomi MIX energy recovery speed is still acceptable range, and most of the current support for fast charging mobile phone speed almost.

xiaomi-mix-32 xiaomi-mix-33

6.4-inch full-screen play video games and watch the time is naturally very shocking, but the general video is 16: 9 ratio, the Xiaomi MIX this 17: 9 screen ratio, the left will set aside a black edge , This time as long as the virtual button to tune out the screen just fine. As for the game, I tested the “NBA 2K17” Although all the special effects are Low level, but still occasionally some Caton and the phenomenon does not appear smooth, it seems that for the Xiaolong 821 processor optimization is still to be added strength.

This is a “concept” and “production” of the phone

The reason why the Xiaomi MIX as “between the「 concept 」 and 「 production」 of mobile phones”, because compared with the concept machine, in fact, he has successfully applied some of the cutting-edge technology to the phone, and to ensure the daily use But the Xiaomi MIX mass production from the real and some still far away, in addition to full ceramic body of the finished product rate is not high, the call still needs to optimize and improve the problem, although now is the Internet age, but the call As the basis for mobile phone functionality is still to ensure adequate enough.


In addition to this, the full screen and made in the camera, one-handed operability and other aspects of the compromise, which I also can accept, so for me, Xiaomi MIX is a good enough to use the phone. If you really entangled in the camera and cell phone size, then there are a lot of choices. Of course, grab grab Xiaomi MIX is not another problem.


Have to say, this time Xiaomi MIX, although the technology is not enough to be called black technology, but at least be regarded as some of the cutting-edge technology will be applied to the actual product, so as to our daily life, and also started Focus on design, which is to see the back of the Xiaomi MIX “MIX DESIGNED BY MI” to know. Perhaps in the near future, we can see the real production of “Xiaomi MIX” it?

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