The mobile phone manufacturers all over the world are constantly creating the era of the strongest photographic phones. Zhiyun has played this card. I believe it is not just for benchmarking DJI.

The smoothest zoom feature of smooth 4 wasn’t used in the sample. I’ll explain why.
Smooth 4 has two colors, the most eye-catching white in my hand.

Smooth 4 Gimbal Stabilizer

Speaking from the appearance

Packaging hasn’t always been the focus of my assessment. I like what’s inside. After removing the outer packaging, it is the body of the carrying case.

Smooth 4 Gimbal Stabilizer

Light! There is only so much I can say. Open the box, gimbal stabilizer, TRM03 tripod and type-c usb cable.

Smooth 4 Gimbal Stabilizer

Zhiyun’s small tripod is one of my favorite accessories. crane 2 and crane plus also come standard with this tripod. As long as you use it, you will love it.

Smooth 4 Gimbal Stabilizer Smooth 4 Gimbal Stabilizer Smooth 4 Gimbal Stabilizer Smooth 4 Gimbal Stabilizer

Bring it to your hand, the first feeling is light. Why do I really feel light? According to official data, 547g is definitely more important than Smooth Q and Smooth 3. Smooth 4 uses a polymer composite material, which has a full hand feel, and slip resistance is also a lot better than Smooth Q, and the smoothness of the grip is Smooth Q. It may be these feelings that have led me to the illusion that this is lighter than any generation.

Zhiyun Smooth 4

Same as previous generations of designs are the same fixed phone style – spring lever. Although it is convenient, no problem for small mobile phones, but for large mobile phone problems. The spring force was too great. I tried it once because the phone was popped out when I took out the phone, and the disassembly was very difficult for my sister.

Operation Panel

Zhiyun Smooth 4

Everything is available, the keys correspond to the functions, and there are notes on the instructions. You can also see what the keys are doing by looking at the icons.
It may be found that there is a missing joystick. Why was it cancelled? I still remember when people said that the stabilizers without joysticks were not good stabilizers. I just want to say that you are wrong. Without the joystick, I was able to better control the pitch angle of the stabilizer. As for why, I will say below. There is no joystick, but there is a zoom wheel.

This thing is powerful, you can control the focus, you can control the zoom.

However, after setting up in the Hitchcock model, this thing has no use.

Do you want to zoom in the shot? If it doesn’t exist, first of all, the picture quality of the phone can’t stand such a zoom (hope that Zhiyun can adapt the zoom brought by the dual camera phone in the later stage, instead of zooming in.) Do you want to change the focus during shooting? I advise you not to, because this focusing stroke is rather weird and extremely difficult to control. Fortunately, some macro shots still work.

There are two more buttons behind.

Zhiyun Smooth 4

The first thing to say is that the location of these two buttons is actually problematic. We hope that Zhiyun can improve this problem in the next generation.

The button above is in mad dog mode and below is full follow mode.

Mad dog mode is a unique new feature. I will briefly introduce its role.

One is to use the transition and swing the camera to transition. This, I believe, has not been overlooked. The second is to improve the motor reaction efficiency.

When I first started using this feature, I believe that you have been unable to stop playing, but then you will find that in the crazy dog ​​mode, the stabilizer motor is too strong and it will lead to instability. So, when you want to use this mode to transition, the correct way to use it is to shoot in the normal mode first, and to the point of transition, press and hold the button to activate the motor power. Most of the time, we will surely suspect that the Stabilizer will be too slow. The Mad Dog Mode will never let you miss the wonderful moment.

The article mentions that two times will not let you miss the wonderful moment. This may be the original intention of Zhiyun. There are indeed many features designed for this.

Vertical shooting, this is my use of less features, use it is no difference with q. Just switching it is much better than q. However, recent vibrato so much fire, vertical shooting is also playing a big role. However, not long after I started Sony rx0, I suddenly thought of a show operation.

Zhiyun Smooth 4

What does this mean? A dual-purpose machine, I can also clip the gopro. I know that I was not the first to discover, but I know there are many people who haven’t found it. When traveling, there is no need to add an additional stabilizer. There is no sample here. There will be time to take a special shot of rx0 plus smooth 4 later.

When we fold the roll arm, a small button will catch it, and then the stabilizer will go to sleep.

There are several advantages here.

Zhiyun Smooth 4

1. Locking the roll arm means that it can be perfectly accommodated and will not be shaken in the backpack.

2. From the dormant state to the working state, the response is extremely fast, and basically the moment when the buckle is released, it will enter the working state. At first, I thought I was just forcibly shutting down. I found that the parameters before going to sleep were the same as before I was sleeping.

3. When you are shooting outside, there is always a time when the stabilizer is idle. When you enter hibernation, you can save unnecessary wasted electricity. With ultra-fast response, you will never miss a shooting moment.

4. You will never know how painful it is to have a phone call when using a stabilizer. Zhiyun solved this problem.

Zhiyun Smooth 4

With the extended 1/4 screw at the bottom, it not only achieves a long-lasting effect, but also gives you a chance to rest. There is anti-slip rubber at the bottom, and Zhiyun has done very well in these small details. Whether it is crane 2, crane plus or a small tripod with a smooth 4 is my favorite accessory. In addition, the 1/4 screw on the bottom means that there are many accessories that can be used, such as the simple two-handed handhelds of Zhiyun official, and various extension poles and the like.

Zhiyun Smooth 4 Zhiyun Smooth 4

Actual experience

Zhiyun Smooth 4

Speaking from the app, smooth 4 starts, zyplay has some changes. However, all the parameters can actually be set in the stabilizer control panel. This also shows that Zhiyun does not want you to click and set parameters on the phone.

The app can debug the motor and can set various parameters, but lacks stability. IOS and Android will appear under a variety of strange problems, these problems arise, I would rather use their own camera. So app, I don’t give too much comment. Still hope that Zhiyun developers can step up the maintenance of the app.

Let’s talk about the relationship between the full follow mode and the joystick.

Zhiyun Smooth 4

I’m going to force a rocker of the smooth series of stabilizers. This thing is really anti-human! Speed is fast, you can move to heaven. You do not want to adjust the pitch axis adjustment in forward motion very smoothly. Even one day I want to pull this rocker directly, it’s really hard to use.

Therefore, the full-follow mode is the correct way to control the pitch axis. For my subjective opinion, I think that Zhi Yun’s cancellation of this rocker is the most correct approach. Not only can you control the volume, but you can also free up a button to increase the adjustment parameters.

Someone would say that the full follow mode is too slow. During shooting, no one will like to be able to adjust the pitch axis up or down. If you like. . . Then I can’t help it. What should you do if you do not want to miss the moment when the follow-up mode cannot keep up? Directly handcuffed. Yes, there is no problem at all.

Above all, cancelling the joystick is the most sensible choice.


Zhiyun Smooth 4

Life is nothing to blow, and there is absolutely no problem with shooting in one day. I haven’t had electricity for a week. It is interesting that the battery display looks good.

About the practical application of Hitchcock

Due to the limited performance of mobile phones, it is difficult to realize optical lossless zooming. I don’t use this model. I don’t like it. It’s the picture quality that is so bad that I can’t satisfy me completely. However, in the software of vibrato and micro-vision, it can still shoot some very attractive screens.

Let me say how to operate it.

The next step is to focus on this. The Hitchcock menu is still a little bit more aggressive when it is used for the first time. However, the logic is still relatively simple. After entering this function, all we need to do is determine the starting point of the lens, for example, Say I’m demonstrating the push-pull lens from far to near in the video below. I first determined the starting focal length at the far end by means of the zoom wheel. The far-reaching push-pull lens according to Hitchcock’s game moves the lens at the far end. To the telephoto end, after determining the focal length, click Add in Hitchcock mode. The professional says this is adding the first keyframe. Next you need to do is to determine the position of the near-end position and the focal length. Yes.

The near-end position adjusts the focal length of the lens to the wide-angle end, but at this time you don’t want to add a second keyframe. Before you add it, you need to set the time. After I practice it many times, I use the iPhone 7 for about 5 seconds. It is better to operate. After setting a good time, click Add again to add a second keyframe successfully. After the keyframe is set, the phone is put back to the position of the first keyframe in Hitchcock. The zoom menu is dragged to the lowest click to start, so to record the Hitchcock zoom video that can make a big circle of friends, it seems to be a bit more, but it is a bit complicated.


As a mobile stabilizer, the stability of Smooth 4 is still very good, which is undoubtedly, and the change of design also makes the grip feel better;

The addition of mad dog mode also makes it possible to achieve fast transitions without passing through later stages. This is not a good function for later editing and not a good classmate. Of course, the stability of mad dog mode still needs to be improved, and it is more likely to wait for subsequent updates. Or a new generation of products may make the mad dog model more perfect;

It is sensible to cancel the remote sensing of intellectual retardation. Directly adjusting the shooting angle manually makes the operation more intuitive.

After entering the APP, the operation of the APP can all be operated by the stabilizer, no need to poke the phone again because of the need to change the settings, and even after this is skilled, it can even be operated blindly. This is a super key appreciation;

The straight arm can directly put the stabilizer into the standby state. It is very intuitive standby operation, people do not have to think about it, it can be said that this design is really very humanistic care;

Originally with a small tripod, this praise, but recently it seems that DJI also learned, Zhiyun is not the industry’s most conscience manufacturers;

The slot is still there, and the horizontal arm adjustment stroke has shrunk compared with previous generations, which makes it not so easy to achieve full leveling when shooting with a large mobile phone;

The zoom wheel’s stroke is not linear enough. I don’t understand why Zhiyun wants to design this way. I hope that the firmware update will make the scroll wheel better.

In general, Zhiyun Smooth 4 is a product that Zhiyun is very careful to do. From different aspects, we can see that Zhiyun’s thinking about the product is very full, of course, the disadvantage is obvious, but you think about a $139 stabilizer.In the premise that the cost is limited to give you such product power, Zhiyun is really very conscience, so for those who like to shoot or want to use mobile phones to shoot small movies, Smooth4 is indeed a very good choice.


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