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ZOHD Nano Talon Black OP 860mm Wingspan AIO V-Tail EPP FPV Wing RC Airplane PNP Limited Edition

ZOHD Nano Talon Black OP FPV Airplane Features

  • Straight wing instead of an anhedral wing to get more stable and agile attitude.
  • EPP molded wing, built-in CF spar for enhancement, light, flexible and crash-resistant.
  • Updated SunnySky motor with a longer shaft, compatible with regular propellers.
  • Updated ESC from 30A with 5V 1A Linear BEC to 30A with 5V 2A Switch BEC.
  • Updated 9g servos from plastic gear to metal gear.
  • Enlarged battery bay for Lipos from 3S to 4S, and Li-Ions 18650 4S 2P 3500mAh
  • Detachable main wing and tail wing for easy transport, easy to install. Improve connections for better aileron and tails stability
  • Optional Tefl0n cover for fuselage bottom, super durable, protecting the fuselage bottom from scratches on landing
  • Built-in carbon fiber spar and extended plywood inside the fuselage for more strength in case of an impact.
  • Optional belly mapping camera bay and camera mount for mapping.
  • Bigger NACA air-inlet provides more air cooling for FPV gear inside the fuselage.
  • Texture marked on both sides of fuselage for a more secure hand launch grip.

ZOHD Nano Talon Black OP FPV Airplane Specs

  • Brand Name: ZOHD
  • Color: Black
  • Material: Crash Resistant EPP
  • Version: PNP
  • Quantity: 1set
  • Wingspan: 860mm (33.85”)
  • Length: 570mm (22.44in”)
  • Propeller: 6×3
  • Servos: 9g Metal Gear
  • ESC: 30A w/5V 2A BEC (Switch)
  • Motor: 2204-1870KV
  • Recommended Battery: Lipo from 3S to 4S 1300-2200mAh, Li-Ion 18650 4S 2P 3500mAh
  • CG: 3.5cm from the wing leading edge (marked under the wing)
  • Flying Weight: 361g (w/o FPV gear)
  • Package Weight: 0.94KG
  • Package Size: 54.5 X 13.5 X 18cm

Package Contents:

  • 1 X ZOHD Nano Talon Black OP RC Airplane

The last ZOHD Nano Talon price: US$105.99~155.99


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